Odesa region Projects

Lukoil Energy and Gas Ukraine LLC

  • Lukoil-Odesa Refinery
    Adjustment and coordination of the feasiblity study on 54 MW CHP interconnection. Support to Lukoil Energy and Gas LLC regarding the licensing of the combined thermal and electircal power generation.

Ovidiopol Energy LLC

  • 120 MW WPP
    Development of feasibility study power generation system to the wind power plant of 120 MW, receiving of technical conditions and WPP interconnection to the power grid. Development of complex feasibility study of Ovidiopol WPP and receiving of the positive state expert assessment.

Ventureal UA LLC

  • 300 MW WPP
    Pre-design works on power generation scheme for WPP site with the total capacity of 300 MW.

WKN Ukraine LLC

  • 30 MW and 51 MW WPP
    Feasibility study on the interconnection of 30 MW and 51 MW wind power plants. Support with approval of this work by all the concerned entities.

NPC Ukrenergo SE

  • 330 kV Novoodeska – Artsyz transmission line
    The analysis of the obtained design documentation and defining the scope of additional works. The overview of environmental laws, directives and international conventions on the environment, ratified by Ukraine. The preparation of a complete set of topographic GIS maps. A detailed survey of the route between Novoodeska and Artsiz substations and identification of at least five potential corridors. Identification of environmental and legal framework of the project in Ukraine.

Ovid Wind LLC

  • 30 MW WPP
    Development of project on 30 MW wind power plant construction (at FS and P stages). Fulfillment of works complex on land plots obtaining for WPP construction, location and operation. Obtaining of technical requirements and design documentation negotiation with all respective entities. Obtaining of positive State expertise conclusion and permit for WPP construction.