Luhansk region Projects

DTEK Vostokenergo LLC

  • Luhansk Thermal power plant
    Metropoliya Group has implemented the following research works within the framework of a study "Transferring capacity identification throughout Donbas – Luhansk TPP section taking into account the peculiarities of Luhansk power node":
    Comprehensive analysis of operational modes of the Luhansk powernode and the Donbas – Luhansk TPP section;
    • Luhansk TPP interconnection scheme sufficiency evaluation;
    • Reliability analysis of the Luhansk power node networks;
    • Evaluation of  the local emergency control and automation;
    • Provisioning of recommendations to increase the Luhansk TPP electricity generation.

NPC Ukrenergo SE

  • 500 kV Novodonbaska substation
    Preparation of the feasibility study and presentations related to the project: "Connection of 500 kV Novodonbaska substation to 220-500 kV grid of Ukrainian power system".