Serhii Mozghovoi

Resource Director
Serhii Mozghovoi

Role: management of resource and office policy of the Group

In a year of 1989 graduated as Electrical Technician from Kyiv Power Engineering College, obtained Electric power plants, networks and systems Specialty.

In between 1993 and 2007 – Central Warehouse Manager in Kyivenergo JSC focusing on warehouse work management, staff recruitment, management of cargo transferring, accounting systematization, arrangement of inventory, control and management of corresponding documentation.

Starting from 2007 and up to 2015 worked as Manager of Material and Technical Supply Department in TMM-Energobud CJSC focusing on work management in supply department, staff recruitment, monitoring of suppliers market, conclusion of supply agreements, control and accounting of machines and mechanisms operation, management of warehouse work, accounting and inventory of commodities and materials.

From 2015 to 2017 held position of Manager of Department for Material and Technical Supply and Warehousing in several companies.

Since 2017 works at Metropoliya Group as a Resource Director.