Project management, consulting, engineering, design and construction in the power industry

who we are

Metropoliya Group of Companies is a full circle engineering entity in the power sector – from idea to implementation.
Metropoliya Group was established on 13th of April, 2006, due to the professional approach and unconventional decisions, the company has a positive business reputation and constructive partner relationships with many large companies, represented at the power market of Ukraine.

what we do

Metropoliya Group of Companies deals with a wide range of scientific and technical issues, such as the development schemes of power systems and separate power districts, integration of the United Power System of Ukraine with the European Power System, export, improvement of power nodes reliability, feasibility of construction of the new power transmission lines, introduction of new technologies etc.

Metropoliya Group provides the consulting services for the state monopolies and the main stakeholders of the power market in order to improve their work. Another important issue is the formation of the regulatory base and development of strategies, taking into account the EU requirements and standards.

The entity designs all types of the power objects and networks (power plants, transmission and distribution networks and power environment of industrial enterprises as well as commercial and office complexes). Metropoliya Group also acts as a general contractor for the construction of power objects and engineering networks on a "turn-key" basis (implementation of construction and mounting and commissioning works, technical supervision, selection and supply of equipment and materials etc.).

The considerable part of projects is the "green" projects – from large wind and solar power plants to small exotic ones (e.g. small generation from landfill gas). On a global basis, Metropoliya Group deals with the issues of smooth introduction of "green" generation into the United Power System of Ukraine and promotes the formation of an efficient and progressive legislative basis for the alternative energy sector.

our services

Technology Consulting

  • Marketing researches of the Global Energy Market regarding the introduction of both common and innovative technologies;
  • Organizational & methodological analysis of the correspondence between normative, technical and technological requirements of the Unified Power System of Ukraine operation and requirements of ENTSO-E (European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity);
  • Power grid simulation with the specialized software (steady states, short circuit currents, transients, static and dynamic stability, optimization of grid losses);
  • Drafting the power grid development schemes of the power transmission companies;
  • Development and optimization of technical measures for power grids, electrical systems, energy transmission and storage (electrical substations, cable and OHL lines, capacitors and reactive power compensators, electrical batteries etc.);
  • Development and optimization of technical measures for heat networks, heat systems, heat transferring technologies and integral infrastructure of generation facilities based on heat utilization cycle (nuclear power plants, thermal power plants, combined cycle power plants of all types, heat pumps, heat accumulators etc.);
  • Development and optimization of technical measures for the integral infrastructure of generation facilities based on renewable energy sources (wind power plants, solar power plants, hydro, pump storage and tidal power plants etc.).

Permissive and Management Consulting

  • Selection and registration of the property Rights on the land plots for construction including civil, industrial and power facilities;
  • Drafting of land development sections of the Design documentation;
  • Supervision of approval process for land development issues of Design documentation;
  • Execution of independent assessment of state of the land plots as investment objects, including investment risks, comprehensive research of land plot legal status and cost (due diligence);
  • Interconnection of facilities to power grids of all scales including civil, industrial and power objects;
  • Support with licensing and all kinds of tariffs assigning to power facilities (distributional and generating);
  • Development of economically efficient operation strategies within the legal framework for civil, industrial and power (generating and distributional) objects;
  • Audit (due diligence) of industrial and power projects;
  • Technical & Economic Assessment of measures for reduction of power consumption;
  • Energy efficient technologies introduction;
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) according to the Ukrainian and Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA) according to the international standards.

Engineering Design

  • Design documentation development including pre-feasibility studies, activities associated with zoning and planning of rural and urban areas, master planning, site preparation for various types of objects;
  • Design of the localized objects of all kinds civil and industrial companies, power plants, etc.;
  • Line structures and utilities of all kinds (transmission lines, heat networks, gas- and oil piplines, roadways, communication lines, water supply and sewerage etc.);
  • Development of cost-estimate documentation for the project;
  • Design documentation coordination with expertizing bodies;
  • Designer’s supervision.

Procurement and Construction

  • Performing as a general contractor;
  • Performing set of measures on site preparation including the obtaining of all of the relevant permits for construction, road traffic management in the area of construction site, arranging the subcontractor's staff training;
  • Selection, completion and supply for the construction sites;
  • Performing erection and commissioning works including such works for indistinctive objects;
  • Construction and commissioning supervision;
  • Financial and statistic construction statement analysis and supervision.
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VR Capital invests 75 million Euros in "green" energy in Ukraine

The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine approved the applications provided by the British company VR Capital on acquiring 100% share of three wind power plants (WPP) in Odessa region - Artsizskaya WPP LLC, Artsizskaya WPP 2 LLC and Kiliyskiy WPP LLC. The design capacity of each power plant is 16.5 MW; the total capacity is 49.5 MW. The cumulative amount of the proposed investments in the projects will be 75 million Euros. Read more

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